Getting in Touch with Our Giftedness in Lent

Share Food and Some Food for Thought (and action)

Getting in Touch with our Giftedness in Lent.  Borrowing from the theme of our most recent diocesan convention, we've planned a series that will help all of us discern our gifts and how we might put them to use in ministry.  Everyone is invited to attend these upcoming fellowship gatherings:

Pot Luck Dinner - Saturday, March 30 at 5:30 pm  Come together in the Undercroft for some wonderful food and fellowship.  Bring a favorite dish to share.  And over dessert, we'll invite everyone to participate in a spiritual gifts inventory exercise.  Results of the exercise will be shared the following week at each of these Sunday events:

Coffee Hour - Sunday, April 7 at 8:45 am  All of the early birds are invited to the Lounge for coffee.  We'll discuss the results of the spiritual gifts inventory for that group.

OR ...

A Pot-Luck Brunch - Sunday, April 7 at  11:15 am in the Undercroft will give everyone from our later worship service a chance to do the same thing.

All are welcome!!